We welcome you to reconnect with your poetic writing as a daily ritual to begin, strengthen, and deepen your Creative Praxis to Reclaim Ancestral Medicines.

At Sanadora Práctica Creativa you will:

~be introduced to Seasons Medicine.

~be introduced to poetic writing embodiment.

~be introduced to reclaiming connection to ancestral medicine through creative practices.

Testimonials narrated by Previous Students

Marie K., USA

"When I started coaching, I felt stuck in my emotions of fear and confusion. Erika helped me clarify my personal goals and needs. With her guidance, I was able to recognize patterns within myself and a self-love deficit. During our sessions for the first time in my life, I was able to meditate and affirm myself in an authentic and impactful way. Towards the end of my coaching to continue my journey of growth and love, we started to design rituals that will help me connect with my emotions and spirituality. I am so thankful that I got to work with Erika. She is a confident, kind, talented, and empowering healer. I highly suggest Erika's mindfulness coaching."

Hanna S., Germany

"For me, Coaching means healing, liberation, and laughter. It was important for me to put energy into the Coaching process and to have Erika by my side with her compassion for the situation that I was experiencing. Also, I have now the conviction that the transformation continues on my own beyond this process. One of the benefits that I can identify from this journey was to have a weekly routine to meet with Erika, to take time only for myself. Another great benefit is that through the meditation practices, and the ancestral Indigenous wisdom I discovered the stories, patterns that I have been repeating within my body, mind, and spirit about myself. With Erika's acompañamiento I have managed to embody my own medicine to be more balanced, calm, and have a clear view of my longings and goals."

Testimonios narrados por Estudiantes

Rosa Luz, México

“Reconozco que en varias ocasiones mi mente entró en conflicto con el entorno que me rodea, lo que afectó mi manera de vivir. De hecho, mi cuerpo y mi mente no tuvieron la capacidad de funcionar de una manera adecuada, ocasionando que fuera más propensa a enfermar y a disminuir mi capacidad para resolver problemas. Para mí, la sanación significa lograr la conexión entre mi mente, cuerpo y alma. Esta conexión me permite mejorar la concentración y confianza, aceptarme por ser yo y por supuesto, apreciar la importancia del autoconocimiento en el proceso de sanación. Erika me inspiró a realizar un saneamiento en mi mente, cuerpo y alma, esto me permitió integrar muchos aspectos de mi vida para bien. Hice a un lado la inconformidad y gané mucha tranquilidad. Aprendí a ser agradecida con lo que tengo y pensar menos en lo que me hace falta, sin dejar de lado mis metas. Aprendí a sentir y usar toda mi energía para sanar cada aspecto de mi vida y de las personas que me rodean. Esto ha generado un cambio positivo para mi entorno".



I am a granddaughter, daughter, sister, auntie, and traveler. As a Mesoamerican poet, I am walking my poetic talk wherever Earth Mother and the Great Mystery call my heart. Co-creator of Somos Semillas, We Are Seeds, a podcast about indigenous sovereignty and collective storytelling. You can connect with me at https://linktr.ee/mujeryselva