Welcome, Bienvenidx

to REMATRIAR: Introduction to Poetic Writing Program

by Erika Murcia

I am Resignifying Poetic Writing as the embodiment of a sacred journey that includes: dreaming, birthing, breastfeeding, and shedding creative stages to reclaim wellbeing in body, mind & Spirit. Poetic Writing in this classroom means embodying creative self-expression through introspective reflection guided by Seasons Medicine.

I am Erika Murcia a multiracial Storyteller, Poet, and Consultant. Daughter of El Salvador’s diaspora. I am co-author of the anthology Maternidad Creativa a collection of essays on how women embody their Creative Sovereignty. I embody a decolonizing creative praxis as a guardian of poetic storytelling. My teachings are rooted in ancestral traditions of Indigenous, multiracial Mesoamerican, and global lineages.

Welcome to Our Ancestral Classroom


Do you feel called to AWAKEN to your Ancestral Creative Storytelling? 

Do you feel a call to AWAKEN your creative abundance in Mind, Body, and Spirit? 

Do you feel a call to DEEPEN creative Medicine through poetic writing embodiment?

Do you feel a Sacred Spiritual call to REBIRTH into your labor of love? 



Embodied practices with the Placenta as a metaphor for your own creativity.

Embodied rituals in connection with the Sacredness of Water, Earth, Fire & Winds.

Introduction to creative writing Practice guided by Seasons Medicine. 

Embody creative practices: writing, painting, playing, dancing, etc. to nourish the Sacred Relationship with Self.

One coaching session with instructor Erika Murcia.

+ Poetic Meditation, Poetry & Coloring Art in each Student Poetic-Book.

I See You Love

I see you on the road

walking in your wholeness


trying to keep it all afloat

I see you at your intersections

brave enough to walk outside

your home

your door

your crossroads

I see you in me

resilient despite colonialism

resilient despite racism

rising above despite sexism


I see you running away

from restless nights

from fires lit up

Rising as the sun at dawn

I see you healing

in love

in spiritual rootedness

in Community.

I see you loving yourself

as if there is no tomorrow

life is complex

and you love

you are dazzlingly

co-creating the path to liberation

our liberation

I see you amor.

by Erika Murcia

Lean in to Synchronize our 
Wild Dance


If you belong to the global diaspora & have not been able to return to your Motherland. 

If you long for connecting with your spiritual & creative placenta.

If you feel a great longing for connecting with ancestral spirituality.

If you want to connect with Earth Mother as nourishment & Cradle.

If you long for cultivating belonging, and an embodiment rooted in Spiritual abundance. 

If you feel called to DIGNIFY our Indigenous Heritage by Reclaiming Indigeneity.

All races, genders, sexual orientations, immigration statuses, & lineages ARE WELCOME here!